Batman (1940) #354


Conway’s starting to wrap up his big storyline and, again, it’s bumpy. He’s got Vicki Vale rushing off to see Bruce–Bruce who hasn’t thought of Vicki since she first showed up two dozen issues ago (she’s been around as a plot twist)–not to mention Hugo Strange showing up at the end, back from the dead.

But the big problem is the resolution of the political situation. It’s Batman versus the cops, round two, and this time the police commissioner can’t shut up about how they need to kill Batman to keep him quiet. Again, pretty sure Batman has someone he could call about corrupt politicians taking over a major metropolitan city and killing people. I don’t know, maybe Superman? Does Batman have Superman’s phone number?

But it’s Newton and Alcala so who cares if the story doesn’t make any sense? From the first page, it’s a visual delight.

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