Batman (1940) #353


With the amazing cover and the Garcia-Lopez art, it’d be impossible not to at least enjoy the issue. It’s just a Batman versus the Joker issue–this time the Joker’s making a monument to himself, angry Gotham was going to make one to Broadway musical stars instead. On some level, I agree… Broadway musical stars?

Conway’s Joker is both nuts and dangerous–he opens the issue killing one of his henchmen. It’s very iconic Joker stuff, actually. I remember the issue from when I was a kid.

There’s some development on the subplots–Batman’s finally on to Rupert Thorne, probably a year after he was released. Good thing Batman didn’t keep tabs on him, or else there wouldn’t be a long gestating storyline.

The backup is all right. Barr does a good job writing Robin as a somewhat naive kid and Newton’s art is fantastic. Again, “Matches” Malone is just a completely goof.