Batman (1940) #352


It’s Batman versus the sky pirates! The bad guy’s name is Colonel Blimp. He and his pirates fly around in a tricked out zeppelin.

Of course, the issue doesn’t open with the sky pirates. It opens with the Gotham police admitting their beating up ex-commissioner Gordon because he’s investigating election fraud. They make this admission in front of Batman, who I would have thought could have called the UN or the President or someone when in a situation like that one… but he doesn’t. In fact, he forgets about it for the rest of the issue because he’s got a date with Vicki Vale.

Kupperberg has a really weird narrative gimmick in the issue–he has a cliffhanger, then immediately reveals what happened in a layered flashback. It reads they were originally making space for a Catwoman backup, then didn’t have one.

Calnan’s inks are atrocious. He mutilates Newton.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    I always get a kick from some customers when they whine about “the good old days”‘ when comics only cost 75 cents. What I should do when I hear that is pull out one of these things and point out that the value at times wasn’t any better for 75 cents than 3-4 dollars is today. Colonel Blimp indeed. Also, like the cops would even speak out honestly in front of Batman, seeing how he’s one of the few cops Batman has even deemed worthy to actually talk to over the years.

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