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Batman (1940) #350


Once again, the Bruce Jones Catwoman story is a lot more interesting than the Batman feature. But I’ll go in printing order and start with the Batman.

The art this issue is Gene Colan and Tony DeZuniga; so far, DeZuniga is the best inker for Colan on Batman, especially given the vampires. The whole issue has a disquieting tone to it. It looks great… even if the story is a little tepid.

Dick is under the influence of his vampire girlfriend and he sets up Batman to get bitten. Once again, Vicki Vale’s dilemma over whether to reveal Bruce as Batman is more interesting than the Batman stuff.

DeZuniga is the solo artist on the Catwoman backup too. Jones’s writing is great–he puts Selina in a very noir situation, perfecting adapting things to make the femme fatale the noir protagonist. The art wondrously matches the writing’s tone. Just fantastic.

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