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Aliens (1988) #3


Has Warren Ellis read this issue? Because it reminds me a lot of his first issue for Ultimate Nightmare. It’s better than that comic, but very similar. Verheiden opens the issue with a bunch of psychological reports of people freaking out because of the alien–just being near it. It’s a cool idea, the aliens driving people crazy; it’s where Aliens is at its strongest… the stuff the movies never had the time or inclination to explore.

Unfortunately, the future Verheiden and Nelson come up with isn’t particularly interesting. The Alien movies wisely stayed as mum about earth in the future as they possibly could. It kills the space part of it in a lot of ways.

And the space part is where Verheiden runs into trouble. He’s barely got time for the Hicks and Newt Marine expedition, only enough to reveal a traitor in their midst.

Still, very readable.

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