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Detective Comics (1937) #512


Colan and Janson are back in sync, which is good because Conway’s overwriting the dialogue again. It’s like he can’t decide if Batman is supposed to think or talk his plans for athletic feats. This time I was actually wondering if Batman was talking to the villain, since his expository dialogue to himself comes in the middle of a conversation.

It’s a pretty weak story. Conway’s finishing two-parter introducing a new villain (Dr. Death–I don’t think he has any further appearances) and there’s not a lot of time for subplots. Robin’s sick, so Batman’s all upset… Vicki Vale is out to prove Bruce is Batman, which might screw up their romance… and the new Gotham City mayor is a corrupt moron.

The good art helps a lot.

The Batgirl backup is incredibly mean–with Barbara up against a vicious motorcycle gang. Worst Delbo art I’ve seen so far.

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen old Batman (these books were after my time.) so it’s hard for me to comment. Speaking from experience, Klaus Janson, while one of the better inkers, didn’t always give his best, and perhaps his sharp edged style doesn’t fit well at times with Colan’s oblique, misty pencils that have made some inkers work too hard for their time. Colan at this point is also not in his best years. I imagine when you’re fifty-sixty it’s hard to get it up for Batman every month.

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