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Criminal (2008) #4


This arc of Criminal–I can’t remember if I’ve read it or not, I think I’ve read this issue because it seems familiar, but I’m not sure about the rest–is Brubaker’s first attempt at using a non-criminal as his protagonist. The guy used to be a criminal, but he’s since reformed. And he was never a tough guy. Of the five protagonists so far, all but one (the girl) was a tough guy. Now it’s two of six.

The issue’s got a nice pace to it, introducing the character, moving him through his routine. It’s the same guy who was in the second arc in the first series as a supporting character. I spent the entire issue trying to remember if that connection was correct–the always interconnected cast is getting distracting.

The pace changes in the last few pages, story veering into traditional noir.

Still, quite good.

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