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Batman (1940) #345


Where to start….

Colan’s pencils must have been really hurried here, because it’s all inks. Except it doesn’t even look like strong Janson inks. The weak art is quite a shock given the artists.

The story is generally solid. Batman and Robin go after a new criminal mastermind, Dick and Bruce both have romances developing, Jim Gordon’s fighting for his job. Conway’s got the right mix, once again, between superhero stuff and regular people stuff. It’s a fine enough superhero book.

The impressive thing is the Catwoman backup. I didn’t even know Bruce Jones had written Catwoman backups for DC. The writing is great–Selina is mooning over Bruce (Wayne–apparently not knowing he’s making a play for Vicki Vale in the feature) and getting drafted by the cops to help them out. The von Eeden artwork–thanks to the Marcos inks–is stunningly not what I expected. Spectacular comic.

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