Detective Comics (1937) #510


There are two Mad Hatters? I’m now incredibly confused. According to this issue, there was an original Mad Hatter and then a replacement and then the original came back. At least in the eighties.

The Mad Hatter story–which gets the cover–is sort of a fake A plot, since the issue mostly concentrates on the Gotham City mayoral race. Conway starts the issue with it and he ends the issue with it. The Hatter stuff in the middle is just to provide a fight scene or two (and a supervillain for the cover).

The Colan and Janson art is nice–but I still don’t think Janson is a good inker for Colan. Colan’s figures are lithe, Janson’s inks aren’t. So, while playing to neither artist’s strength, it’s still a very interesting looking, well illustrated book.

The Batgirl backup mostly continues Barbara’s whining about not being Supergirl. But not terrible.

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