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Battlefields: Dear Billy (2009) #2


I can’t remember how Dear Billy ends. Even reading another issue, I can’t remember. I spent a while, in the back of my head, anticipating Ennis’s cliffhanger. Three issue limited, he’d have to cliffhang… but he doesn’t.

In fact, for a comic featuring a nurse killing three–wait, four–Japanese POWs, the most sensational thing in the comic is the two gay American intelligence guys. It’s a very strange scene, practically a domestic scene between the protagonist, Carrie, and her beau, the titular Billy, out with some friends.

Even when Carrie figures out a way to meet up with Billy on the front, it’s nowhere near as sensational as those two gay Americans. Girl on the front for a night of romance is unlikely, but gay American spies during World War II… it’s really not done. I don’t even think it’s done for soldiers in the Iraq War II (yet).

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