Red: Joe (2010)


So here’s a moderately all right comic book. These Red movie prequels are sort of silly, since it’s establishing a bunch of totally unnecessary backstory. This issue, Morgan Freeman–sorry, Joe–muses on the costs of being a CIA agent.

It’s mildly interesting musing because it’s set during the Cold War so there’s some decent spy stuff going on. The problem is the lack of full narrative brushstroke. It’s not a full story; it’s a partial story with an effective cold opening then basically an issue-long chase sequence.

Unfortunately, the chase sequence isn’t particularly interesting. Redondo isn’t a bad artist–he gives Freeman some youthful vigor while retaining the freckles (though the Brian Cox character looks nothing like young Brian Cox)–but he’s not much for composing action scenes.

Still, the issue suggests with Wagner writing it, Joe could fuel a much longer, better illustrated eighties espionage comic book.

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