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Red: Frank (2010)


I’m not sure if the Jason Masters art is supposed to look like Cully Hammer or if it’s just the cheap Wildstorm house style. Regardless, it looks a lot like the original Red, but with some really slick, shiny computer coloring. Of course, Masters makes sure the protagonist, Frank, looks like Bruce Willis and the Morgan Freeman character looks like Morgan Freeman. Resembles, more like, in the latter case.

The story itself is a really bland spy story. It’s occasionally gruesome, but it’s absent the humor from the movie (given the movie doesn’t follow the original comic close, it’s peculiar Wildstorm would put out movie continuity prequels). It kind of reads like a Wildstorm (bloated, glossy and garish) Queen & Country.

Masters does a weak job with various references–he uses a modern cellphone for a story taking place in 1994–but I imagine the movie likenesses were more important.


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