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Criminal (2006) #8


In some ways, this issue is the first regular one of the arc. Brubaker’s not introducing anything startling, he’s just telling a story–he’s got enough established already he has material to work through.

The result is a very nice issue. The only negative thing I can think of to say about it is Phillips’s one panel with a smiling Tracy is a little weak, like Phillips isn’t used to drawing smiling people. He’s probably not. He also might have been trying to draw a fake smile, so it comes off even funnier.

There’s more good narration this issue. I paused to reread an exposition box, which I don’t do very often. Brubaker’s in a real stride here–again, it helps the protagonist is an AWOL soldier. It gives him a lot he can do with the character and he doesn’t have to be coy about him.

It’s rather excellent.

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