Time Bomb (2010) #2


Unfortunately for the reader, Palmiotti and Gray do something incredibly strange here–they make the issue nearly unapproachable to someone who hasn’t just read the previous issue. I guess there are a couple paragraphs recapping the first issue, but who reads those? I certainly can’t be expecting to hunt it down on the back of the cover either.

Some of the problem is the indistinguishable Gulacy faces. Everyone looks the same, especially in their Nazi outfits. Even the black guy’s often indistinguishable, due to the issue’s the coloring scheme–it’s easier to tell him from the others based on his goatee.

Otherwise, the comic’s pretty fun. It’s a bunch of time traveling Nazi hunters–Palmiotti and Gray don’t do the usual and make the sole sympathetic German–all of them are evil here–and it’s decently plotted. As well as an okay television mini-series anyway.

Some awful dialogue though.

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