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Solomon Kane (2008) #5


Finishing this series–I’m somewhat convinced Guevara used the whole thing as an audition piece to Marvel, in case they ever relaunch Monster of Frankenstein–I can’t figure out, first, why I wanted to read the sequel or, second, how I could forget how awful the series ends.

I mean, if the fourth issue was the high point, this issue is absolute nonsense.

Allie has this strange approach to chapters–the chapters finish and start, usually, in the middle of the issue. But they’re continued from the previous issue, not the start of the current one.

Maybe it reads better in trade, but I doubt it. Not with the pacing such a mess.

The best part of the issue is when it ends, though not really. Sure, the Solomon Kane story ends. But then Dark Horse has this little comic strip with a Jewish joke from Robert E. Howard.


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