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Stumptown (2009) #4


The last page of this issue threatens more Stumptown in a really cute way. It’s on the movie theater marquee, with letters missing.

I say threatens because I’ll probably read it and not enjoy it and not get anything out of it.

I think I thought of about six ways private investigator could have gotten the bad guy in trouble. She doesn’t think of any of them. She even has a monologue where she explains how she’s a complete loser.

Apparently Rucka missed the part of the detective story where the seeming loser of a private investigator proves he or she capable in this one very important–to him or her, maybe not the world as a whole–case.

Sure, it’s theatrical and melodramatic, but we’re talking about a theatrical and melodramatic genre. I know Stumptown sold terrible, but it’d have sold worse if it’d been realistic.

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