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Stumptown (2009) #3


Did it take me three minutes to read that issue? I’m not sure.

There’s nothing worse than a boring all-action issue. I suppose we get to hear about the big secret behind Stumptown’s mystery, but it’s pretty boring. Rucka has no talent for making the mundane seem intriguing.

Mostly what he gives the reader this issue is a couple women accusing the other of being gay.

After Batwoman (and Montoya in Gotham Central and Carrie in Whiteout), Rucka really needs a new schtick. Or maybe he could create some maybe lesbian comic book character who isn’t hot.

Umm. What else.

The art. Something’s definitely wrong with the art this issue. They’ve changed colorists and while the new guy isn’t as good as Lee Loughridge, he’s not bad. Southworth’s getting rushed here. Instead of looking deliberately hurried, he’s looking lazy.

Still, I’m generally okay with the book. It’s just unimaginative.

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  1. Stumptown had a lot of things going for it before it was even being published. The detective story to this point hasn’t grabbed me at all, and the art definetely takes a sloppy, haphazardous tone, which is exactly the opposite of attitude the artist reflects in his editorial in the first issue. The scene set ups here show little of the care used earlier in the series. I guess I’m just repeating you, sorry, and I’ll check in when I get a hand on issue four and finish it.

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