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Stumptown (2009) #2


I’m mildly tempted to use this space to discuss innovative private investigator storytelling, specifically The Big Lebowski and “Eyes.” If you hadn’t guessed, Stumptown–as a detective story–has failed to make an impression.

Right now, with Stumptown, I’m concerned with two things. First, is Dex gay? Second, does she know the guy her brother works with–I can’t remember the guy’s name but the brother’s name is Ansel–likes her? I only have the first question because of the second.

Rucka’s also implying a lot of backstory from the scenes. The police captain doesn’t care about Dex being shot because she is a private investigator and broke up his marriage.

Rucka’s universe for Stumptown requires a lot of people not to do their jobs. The handling of Dex’s shooting, for example, is ludicrous. I’m pretty sure “Barney Miller” handled such things more believably.

But it’s a fine enough read.

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