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Stumptown (2009) #1



It reads well. Stumptown definitely reads well.

Rucka doesn’t go cheap on content either, it’s a solid length read for a modern comic book. He introduces a lot of characters, some backstory… he gets a lot done here.

I like this Matthew Southworth art too. They’re clearly going for a gritty, realistic feel and Southworth brings it. Deliberate but impulsive. They do the same thing with the lettering too. The stray lines make the art (and word balloons) pop.

My lack of enthusiasm, however, stems from having seen and read all this stuff before. It’s a female private investigator with a gambling problem who takes care of her younger, but still adult brother who has Downs; she also might be a lesbian.

Boiled down, she’s a world-weary PI with money troubles. I’m pretty sure Sam Spade was a world-weary PI with money troubles.

The adornments don’t make her different.

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