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Magnus, Robot Fighter (1963) #2


For the second issue, Magnus has much more reasonable villains. Someone figured out how to make robots look like humans and is trying to take over the government. Manning sets it up pretty well–there’s lots of action, lots of big fight scenes, but he does take a moment for Leeja and her senator father to discuss what robots place in daily human life should be.

There are some problems, of course. Manning’s city-state, North AM, takes up the entire North American continent, yet Magnus and friends can zip around it in no time at all, which means they’re going at such incredibly dangerous speeds… no one could be out walking around in the unprotected open….

There’s a backup–there was first issue too–but it’s pretty lame. Manning’s space art is lovely, but the story’s just about how great human beings (American ones) are and how everyone else should learn from them.

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  1. As a kid, Gold Key comics were ALWAYS the last choice for me on the rack..I would even take a CHARLTON if there were no nre DC or Marvel before I’d touch a Gold Key comic. In general, they were so shitty and hacked out that even my ten year old sensibilities would be non plussed by them. Magnus was the exception to the rule. How I loved the perfect, pristine interpretation of earth’s furture by Russ Manning, ignoring his implausable logic (which would be echoed and also ignored by my love of English Judge Dredd comics), just to see Mags beating the shit out of robots and the eternally lovely Lejah(?), whose impossible mini skirts would capture my male hormone filled imagination. Kudos to the creative team that brought these stories to life despite the rediculously low pay I’m sure Gold Key gave them for their more than professional efforts for them. Booya!

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