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The Last Days of American Crime (2009) #3


The art is a wreck. I can’t believe anyone looked at the pages for the first issue and the ones for this issue and thought they were acceptable.

On the plus, Remender is less awful. He’s still writing a movie pitch for Mickey Rourke, right down to an intricate heist sequence, but at least he’s stopped with the terrible dialogue. He does do the James Bond villain scene, where the bad guy would get away if he didn’t reveal his master plan.

It’s hard to be disinterested, since the shoddy artwork has my bile rising. It’s so unfinished, I can’t believe Tocchini would even want his name on it.

The ending is somewhat successful too. I can see it working in the movie, for example, though I don’t know who they’re going to cast opposite Mickey Rourke. The female character, just because Remender’s writing is so lame, is rather complex.

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