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The Last Days of American Crime (2009) #2



Tocchini’s art takes a major dive this issue. Most of it looks like he had some sketches and they colored them and called them good. It’s so bad I forgot the beginning of the issue actually looked good.

I don’t think I’ve read Remender before. Going to take a lot to convince me to read him again. This issue is awful on three fronts.

First, Remender uses racial ephitats to shock the reader. It’s a really cheap device and suggests he thinks he’s the Quentin Tarantino of comics but doesn’t understand Tarantino.

Second, the dialogue’s affected–more wannabe Tarantino–to the point it’s unintelligible. There’s no point in figuring out what it means.

Third, unlike Tarantino, Remender likes to make everyone a killing machine. It’s cheap and comes off as absurd and unrealistic in a book absurdly trying for realism. Or Remender’s brand of it.

Mickey Rourke will not be impressed.

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