The Last Days of American Crime (2009) #1


Since I already knew I’d like the Greg Tocchini artwork–I hope the future issues have some more color; this issue is mostly set in dark streets and the brighter stuff is just so lush, I want more of it–The Last Days of American Crime otherwise mostly just showcased the benefits to the sixty-four page format.

Now, I’m not an advocate of it, don’t get me wrong, but if this comic had been a limited series of regular length, each issue would have been a constant frustration. With sixty-four pages, Remember pretty much gets a solid installment done. He achieves a full three act narrative, something most regular-sized comics don’t bother doing anymore.

Whether it’s a good three act narrative is something else.

It’s decent, definitely readable.

I’m holding off judgment for now.

It reads like they’re trying to sell it as a movie to Mickey Rourke; I like Mickey Rourke.

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