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The Walking Dead (2003) #6


Oh, good grief. Well, Kirkman certainly lays on the melodrama here. I love how Rick’s wife’s little dalliance with Shane never comes up again; instead Shane seems like the obsessed psychopath. I’m curious why Kirkman didn’t develop her character, maybe because he realized he could get rid of Shane a lot easier with her being blameless.

Umm. Otherwise, I guess it’s an okay issue. It’s kind of dumb. Is Glenn still in the comic? I don’t think he’s had a line in two issues.

Kirkman’s kind of trite–like when Lori realizes things aren’t ever going to be normal again–the zombie holocaust part going over her head apparently.

I think I’m a little stunned still with Kirkman’s handling of Shane. Kirkman has lots of dialogue and lots of stupid personal history details, but none of it matters because he doesn’t keep his supporting cast consistent.

He lets them weave all over.

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