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The Muppet Show Comic Book (2009) #2


To keep things going this issue, Langridge introduces a town full of Statler and Waldorf’s relations. They make up the entire town (and the entire audience for the Muppet show).

The regular cast–except Scooter, it’s a Scooter issue–has little to do. First Scooter has to contend with Fozzie’s replacement, then he has to deal with telling jokes the audience will like.

There’s a lack of narrative thrust here–I’m wondering if Langridge is beginning to feel he’s running out of Muppet stories–especially given Kermit’s disappearance for much of the issue. He ought to be around, based on the setup, but he’s not.

So far, the Muppet Show ongoing feels episodic. And not in a complementary way.

It’s a decent read, but I’m not sure it’s good.

At least, the Fozzie strip–featuring the real Statler and Waldorf (for some reason Waldorf is frequently misspelled)–features imaginative work.

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  1. I had wondered why they continued on with another series of these; it’s probably not like they sold gangbusters or anything. I’m am glad to see Landridge getting continuous work, regardless of whether the tank on this particular car is running on fumes. Not like millions of other comic creators had gone on past their experation date on certain books, you know?

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