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The Muppet Show Comic Book (2009) #1


Langridge takes the show on the road–I wonder how many times someone’s made that statement about this issue.

The Muppet Show, as a comic book, has a limited number of possibilities–I think I’ve already suggested Boom! have a guest star (i.e. a comic book guest star) for each issue–so Langridge’s solution is to make the performances mobile.

It’s fun issue, though it has one of those endings of Langridge’s I don’t quite get (Piggy says something to Kermit, congratulating him, and he apparently uses it as an advertising slogan for the road show). Also, Langridge takes Fozzie out of the equation, something I’m not sure about.

I’m sort of assuming Fozzie’s absence becomes important later, as Langridge does use continuity in the series (another odd feature, given the original television show).

Some really nice songs, great jokes and lovely Langridge artwork make the comic a fine read.

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  1. well, obviously you’re looking for something light hearted to balance all the overwrought stuff you’ve been tackling lately…overwrought

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