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Time Bomb (2010) #1


Holy cow, what a fun comic book. I think I might like this one more than any other Gray and Palmiotti book I’ve ever read. It plays like a big budget TV miniseries from the eighties or something–time travel to stop the Nazis from destroying the world in the present (a rough description, but accurate).

Gray and Palmiotti fill it with a bunch of fake, but sort of convincing sounding, science (think Michael Crichton without the research) and they sell the whole thing.

There’s some stupid stuff–like the N.W.O. (the New World Order) being the SHIELD of the comic–when did N.W.O. stop wrestling, anyway? And the introductory character stuff doesn’t matter, because they’re spending the rest of the series in the past, fighting Nazis… so who cares?

Gulacy’s art is… well, it’s modern Gulacy and he’s almost sixty and it shows.

But it’s damned entertaining comic book.

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  1. Wow, Radical published a readable comic book. How about that! I suppose their ratio is better than many ( Hotwire and the still unfinished American Crime are decent efforts), and their “high” price tag at $4.99 is better than all the other publishers (wow!) when you do the page count math. But their continued use of artists with amatuerish photoshop paint by numbers programs give most of their books a viaual equivalent of reading a pile of mud, so the jury’s still out. Thanks for wading through it and reporting what IS readable, though.

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