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Battlefields: The Night Witches (2008) #1


I don’t know if I appreciated Braun enough the first time I read this series. He can do the complex expressions (ranging from unsure Nazis to zealot ones, not to mention the Russian female fliers who feel alienated and overwhelmed) and all the action and all the equipment. He adds a sense of innocent to his characters (and humor) and really makes Night Witches work.

Ennis concentrates on setup here–but what’s so nice about that setup is how Ennis doesn’t cheap out in the end. He introduces the female fliers and shows a bit of their initial troubles, then let’s them get through a mission and its aftermath. All while juxtaposing a story of a Nazi unit, where the series’s narrator relates their side of things.

The last couple pages, an epilogue to the issue proper, illustrate the terrible situation the characters find themselves in.

An excellently plotted first issue.

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