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7 Psychopaths (2010) #3


It finishes nicely. Though I would argue it needs another issue to really fill out. Vehlmann comes through here–the writing comes through–and it’s not all a bunch of names (though there is a sequence, a nice sequence, with a bunch of names and I had very little idea who the narration was talking about). Instead, it’s Vehlmann weaving a few stories.

Besides the old man and the Hitler impostor and the woman, there’s another character who gets to have a little bit of emphasis. But instead of really giving him a narrative, Vehlmann uses his pages to show Nazi Germany. The other stories emphasize the characters, this one emphasizes the place.

It makes for a nice mix.

Phillips gets to draw a lot of different stuff here and maybe my desire for more issues is because I’d love to see him have more time with the setting.


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