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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #15


This issue has some Spider-Man, even has some Spidey messing with Jonah, but it’s a really light read.

Peter convinces Kong he’s not Spider-Man by taking a kick in the rear–I like how Superman always had to go through great lengths, while Kong is easily convinced.

Gwen is revealed as a troubled youth–probably because her father is too busy to go to school when she’s pulling knifes (still no Mary Jane response to her yet).

Doctor Octopus menaces from afar… and what else… oh, Ben Ulrich has a big scene where he convinces Jonah to let him investigate Doc Ock.

The issue, while not bad, fits into one of series’s problem categories–it’s not like Bendis is doing a one scene issue, time does pass…but nothing important happens.

The Kong suspicion was just an easily resolvable excuse for a cliffhanger the issue before.

It’s lazy.

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