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Terminal City (1996) #9


Terminal City stops more than ends. Maybe closes is a better phrase. Motter closes the series. There’s no finality to it and there’s lots of openness–in the last pages, Motter’s still introducing next things.

It’s a capsule view of these people, important in the city, years after their glory days. Sure, events occur in Terminal City to make it bigger than a girl getting a roommate, but not much bigger. Motter keeps everything rather restrained and the issue has, even after concluding a cliffhanger (an action-packed cliffhanger) and two epilogues, a quiet finish.

I suppose one could sit down and chart out how Terminal City‘s narrative works–with nearly twenty characters, it might take a while–but that approach seems foolish. Motter and Lark are presenting a fixed experience.

And, to some degree, that quality is why I’m underwhelmed with the last page. Motter brought back something boring.

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