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Terminal City (1996) #8


Anyone remember the Spider-Man trailer with the reflections of the city in the eyes? Because DC and Lark should have sued or something–it’s in this comic book, down to the pacing of the shot.

Anyway. The penultimate issue.

Motter is hurrying things along here. He’s sort of still introducing new stuff, but not too much. A lot is closed off, like the subplot with the mayor, which has been around since the second issue and hasn’t really gone anywhere.

I can’t imagine how many issues Motter would have really needed to fully tell Terminal City–probably in the neighborhood of twenty-four from the way it reads–but only having nine creates these constraints and they’re often lovely little abbreviated stories.

It makes Terminal City a unique comic for this kind of narrative. It’s not overdone or undercooked.

It’s more like Motter is letting you sample a menu.

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