Terminal City (1996) #4


Motter starts his second “arc” here, but it’s not important yet. It does surprise me how much I like his approach to this issue–introduce backstory in the first half of a comic, then bring it into the present action in the second half. Motter never makes it feel hurried… but he uses Cosmo’s narration to do all the backstory for it. But Motter never ties down how Cosmo is telling the story or why he’s telling the story, so he can get away with it.

This issue mixes some of the narration too–there’s Cosmo’s and then there’s the Lady in Red’s. The Lady in Red’s narration is very different and almost totally removed from the narrative playing out in the panels.

The issue opens with some amazing Lark art of buildings, then moves into the silliest things I’ve ever seen from him.

It’s a slow issue, but good.

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