Terminal City (1996) #3


And now, ever so slightly, the story begins to gel. Motter, without drawing attention to it, closes off one aspect of Terminal City. A character, established in the first issue, is totally different by the end of this issue. I think, as I struggle to remember my first time reading the series, this sort of approach is why I love the comic.

Motter’s plotting is very subtle in its shifts. He never reveals too much or makes too big of changes, but he is completing little stories. He’s taking the three act structure and miniaturizing it, inserting these little dramas into the larger one.

It makes me wonder if he wrote Terminal City from an outline or if he did each story by itself and then worked them together.

Of course, without Lark… the series would be nowhere. Every panel is a joy; Lark is just too good for words.

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