Ghostdancing (1995) #1


So far–and one issue of six isn’t far enough to judge, I know–Ghostdancing isn’t impressing me. It takes the entire issue to get to the hook–the animal gods (or something like animal gods) have lost one of their own and it turns out she was a big hippie music star in the sixties in “the real world.”

Clearly, the search for her over the rest of the series will be what makes or breaks the series.

But, what Delano does here is different. He juxtaposes a bunch of characters together, the narration boxes featuring very deliberate prose. It’s good prose too, but incomplete, since he’s letting the visuals do some of the work. But they can’t do quite enough work because the concepts he’s writing about are so abstract. So, it’s a comic where the medium fails the work.

It’s an interesting read to say the least.

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