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Captain America (2005) #605


With the exception, obviously, of the Luke Ross art, this issue of Captain America is the best in story arc. I’m not sure if it’s the best part of the backup story, because–again–I couldn’t stomach it. Shockingly, Ross is a better artist than whoever does the backup.

See, out of nowhere, Brubaker decides this storyline should be about Bucky and the crazy evil fifties Cap. Sure, there’s the silly moment at the end when Sam tells him not to worry about being like the crazy Cap, but the comic is once again about Bucky being unsure of himself.

Brubaker’s whole thing with Bucky–initially–was that unsureness. Then he dropped it. And I guess I forgot about it (until it came back) because I was still reeling from Reborn and because Ross’s art was making my eyes bleed.

While Brubaker’s losing his touch, he hasn’t lost it yet.

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