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Captain America (2005) #603


Wow. Four bucks for a comic I read in three minutes. I guess one of those bucks is for the Nomad backup, but I skimmed it then gave up on it. It’s not just poorly written, it’s incompetently illustrated.

Now, calling the backup story incompetently illustrated seems unfair given the Luke Ross pencils on the main story. Even with Butch Guice inking, it’s just hideous artwork.

I remember when Brubaker joined Marvel, it was so exciting. Now it’s just depressing. As far as I remember, he never phoned it in at DC. At Marvel, it seems like he does nothing but write mediocre, disinterested stories.

Strangely, he could have earned back some respect here, if he’d had the racist call Sam (the Falcon) a racial slur. As it reads, the scene in question is laughably off.

I remember when I looked forward to this comic. Now I want a refund.

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