Aria (1999) #4


I’m very curious as to what the original plan was for Aria. Clearly, they didn’t intend it to be over in four issues. I know there are subsequent limited series, but this issue ends a huge storyline. Of course, it’s a huge storyline Holguin creates, for the most part, in the third issue. Half of this issue is told in summary.

Anacleto’s back and has some lovely, lovely stuff here. Not as lovely as his rendition of the third issue would have been, but still lovely.

When I say Holguin told this issue in summary, it’s not just flashbacks. He does these magical battle scenes in summary. It’s like he was writing with the express purpose of not making Anacleto work too hard… or too long.

So Aria–still don’t know why that title–goes out with on an incredible low point. Very pretty, but Holguin’s plotting is laughably absurd.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Not nearly as absurd as Alan Moore writing two panels per page for Travis Charest during their Wildcats run, eh? Aria will be one of those forgotten, then lost, what if?,,, type of titles. The comics highway is filled with many of these type of what if they finished it scenarios..