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The Marvels Project (2009) #8


Brubaker ties it up neatly to the first issue, which I wasn’t expecting. Low and behold, the Destroyer doesn’t get a mention, but Nick Fury does return for some nonsense.

So… one of the plot points is a secret Nazi attack on December 7, 1941, an attack Captain America, Bucky and Namor foil. An attack Captain America keeps secret from the world so the sacrifice of the people at Pearl Harbor isn’t cheapened.

How does Brubaker tell that story? By cheapening Pearl Harbor. Real life and superheroes don’t mix well. Look at Superman IV. I remember Brubaker once laughed at the idea of Cap hunting down Osama Bin Laden. I guess having him fight historically inaccurate Nazis during Pearl Harbor is different.

Though beautifully illustrated, Brubaker’s approach to Pearl Harbor is horrifyingly… I don’t know… exploitative? Artistically depraved? Soullessly shallow?

It’s easily the worst writing of his I’ve ever read.

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