The Marvels Project (2009) #6


Is it a good issue? Umm. Depends. I mean, does a comic book have to be well-written to be good? Comics can survive bad art better than bad writing and by no means is this issue poorly written. Brubaker turns in a completely disinterested script, but it’s not bad. He dehumanizes some Germans too, quite a change from a few issues ago.

But this issue features a fight between the Torch and Namor and a huge tidal wave hitting Manhattan (I think this fight happened in Marvels too). But it’s completely amazing to look at. Epting’s art is wondrous.

So it’s a good issue, but not for anything save Epting’s visualization of that scene. Actually, it’s aloof in some ways (Brubaker’s young Captain America is just as in charge as his old Captain America, which doesn’t seem right) and still rather boring.

The narrator doesn’t even appear in closeup.

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