The Marvels Project (2009) #5


I guess this issue is the best one so far. I mean, the Angel goes out and does stuff this issue, meets Captain America, gets shot. It’s more than he’s done since the first issue.

The Red Skull, the beautiful Epting Red Skull, shows up this issue too. I’m a little confused about Steele guy, seems like he’d have been a bigger character, but whatever. It’s the first issue in a while I don’t regret having spent the time reading. Even through the first half, all the summary storytelling, Epting’s art is really nice.

Then there’s an action scene at the end, also very nice. Epting does well with the static imagery, but he does wonderful with action scenes.

Brubaker doesn’t do any more of his Nazi humanizing here (though he does make some worse than others), which would have disappointed me if I hadn’t had nice things to say.

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