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The Marvels Project (2009) #4


Good grief, halfway in and we’re not even to Captain America yet. Brubaker’s cliffhanger this issue is just become the injection. It’s such a waste of time. If it weren’t for Epting’s New York street scene and Brubaker humanizing a Nazi, I’d be done.

Let me elaborate. Epting’s art at least makes it worth looking at. Brubaker humanizing Nazis? That one might make for some amusing response.

I’m sure Brubaker thought he was doing something edgy and artistic, but he’s also the guy who backs down when the Tea Party talks smack about him. I guess he doesn’t care what anti-Nazi readers think of him.

It also occurred to me, this issue, this comic would be fine if it weren’t for all the big Marvel stuff. If it were just the Angel and the forgotten WWII characters, it would be decent or better.

Instead, it’s a really big disappointment.

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