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The Marvels Project (2009) #2


Does anything happen this issue? I will definitely say it doesn’t tread over Marvels territory at all and does introduce one or two interesting things–the image of the Human Torch working on controlling his flames in a hayloft–but otherwise, nothing happens.

The narrator–this issue revealed to be a costumed adventurer himself, the Angel–talks a bit and Brubaker does fine with that narration, but so much of the story doesn’t have anything to so with the narrator, it’s hard not to think mostly about why Brubaker’s bothering with one.

Nearly everything else, from the 1940s NYPD being unsympathetic to Nick Fury breaking out the Captain America serum scientist (will they explain why Fury doesn’t age as fast in this series, I never can remember why he doesn’t), is all pretty standard. The art is nice, some of it really nice.

The plot just is not compelling enough.

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  1. Well. all I can say is don’t hold your breath waiting for plot. To me it is an elegantly crafted series being set up as a new product line, the “re-packaging” of Marvel’s golden age through modern eyes. Epting’s art makes for delicious eye candy through out the proceedings, but Brubes fails to “ultimately” deliver the goods. I’ll come back later after you’ve finished and we’ll flesh it out.

  2. …too bad it sold like poo…well, maybe not poo. but something like poo…perhaps a slightly better poo…an expensive poo…yes, that’s it…

    -please don’t ban me from the blog for this..

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