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Jetta (1952) #6


The second issue of Jetta is something of a disappointment. There’s very good art for two-thirds of the issue (if I forget to mention it later, the third story’s artwork is surprisingly weak, like DeCarlo was in a real hurry), but the charm is lost. The stories aren’t really about Jetta the space age teenage girl, rather about Jetta and her supporting cast–something the first issue basically ignored.

Clearly, DeCarlo thought he had more than three issues. He keeps introducing (presumably) recurring supporting characters here. I really have no idea how this era’s teen comics for girls developed narratively; maybe it’s normal.

Still, Jetta only takes a main role in the second story–and even then shares it with her female nemesis from the first story.

One thing is clear though–Jetta’s primary love interest, Arky, is a heel. At one point, he picks a sandwich over Jetta.

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