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Muppet King Arthur (2009) #4


A happy ending for King Arthur? The writers even comment on it. It does work, of course–so well I didn’t even think of a happy ending being out of place until they mentioned it.

For this issue, Boom! upgraded the paper stock to something shiny. It holds the colors much better and gives Muppet King Arthur a lot of visual oomph. The art was excellent before, but here it’s shiny.

It’s amazing, with this great art, King Arthur was a book I thought I’d be complaining about (visually). What a difference an artist makes.

The story takes some fun turns–Kermit and Robin’s pun-off is a pleasant couple pages, but the discussion of it is even funnier (the unintentional puns winning out).

Benjamin and Storck take a lot of time wrapping things up, taking time to give characters exits. Makes for a very pleasing read.

Great Muppet series.

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