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New Avengers: The Reunion (2009) #4


It ends very cute. Nauseatingly cute because of the pseudo-manga face Lopez gives Hawkeye. It looks like a Twilight comic or something.

McCann has a speedy read here but he gets a lot done. He has the big villain reveal, which is silly–I don’t care If McCann’s Mockingbird is a female character far better than most female superheroes… I don’t believe she’s a genius biologist for a minute. I also don’t believe Hawkeye’s over the age of fourteen, not with that yaoi-ready Lopez art.

But it works. It’s charming enough and cute enough. Though there are way too many panels with nonsensical expository dialogue, either explaining Hawkeye’s archery skills or silly chemical reactions.

Maybe the ending’s too cute. With McCann covering so much, I forgot about the diamond the couple make together. I’m still positive, even if it doesn’t sound like it.

Even with Lopez’s absurd Clint.

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  1. I found this an enjoyable,decently crafted time passer, one all too rare in Marvel comics these days. Most of them spend way too much time over emphasizing the dramatic event, and concentrate little on the characters themselves, one of the primary reasons I read comics in the first place. What Lopez’ art lacks in personality, it makes up for with solid layouts, good narrative flow, and gives a dynamic sense of immediacy to the script.

    I’m not familiar with McCann, but despite the odd little ticks to introduce background elements,(they didn’t really bother me), he showed an ability to get me involved with two characters I didn’t previously have an affinity at all for; another thing extremely lacking at Marvel these days. Just so you know, they got the second series up and running, the first issue is out and the second is out next week.

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