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New Avengers: The Reunion (2009) #1


How clean can Lopez’s artwork get? I mean, he draws Clint like he’s some kind of Backstreet Boy. Mockingbird comes off a lot better–Lopez has a similar problem with Bucky Captain America, he looks about twelve. When he and Clint bicker–a decent scene too–it’s like the Little Rascals fighting over a gumdrop.

Still, it’s a solid enough first issue for what’s actually a pretty strange Marvel comic. Reunion might have been an a-list title back in the eighties, but today it’s just weird. It’s a retro book with a blandly (I mean that one in the nicest possible way) modern looking art style.

McCann isn’t a writer I’m familiar with, but his scenes–particularly the banter–is solid enough to encourage further reading. Given the plot–a Secret Invasion sequel–can’t be anything special, what else is there?

But I don’t believe Clint watches “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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