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The Muppet Show (2009) #3


How does Langridge deal with his Gonzo issue?

Unoriginally, unfortunately.

Langridge’s focus on Gonzo is the traditional “what species is Gonzo” question. He has Scooter go around trying to figure it out. This issue is definitely the quickest read of the issues so far (and, I hate to say it, the least artistically–that adjective having a special meaning in the context of discussing this issue). Gonzo is barely a character. Instead, he’s the subject. And it doesn’t work.

It’s as though Langridge doesn’t like writing Gonzo–I don’t particularly remember him having a lot of page time in the previous issues–and would rather Scooter do all the heavy lifting.

Perhaps I’m confused because it’s already been done–Muppets from Space dedicated ninety minutes to answering the question.

Does Boom!’s license put that film out of continuity? I’m feigning curiosity.

But it’s still a very competently done comic.

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