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The Muppet Show (2009) #1


I’ve read Langridge’s Muppet Show before and remembered it was excellent, but I didn’t exactly remember why it was excellent. Langridge mixes humor and quite a bit of sentiment here but also introduces the Muppets being the focus of the off-stage antics. In other words, without a “guest star,” Langridge makes it all about the Muppets (in this issue, Kermit in particular), which changes the dynamic a little….

Langridge’s artwork, while not as iconic as some of the other Boom! Muppet series, gives the characters so much life. His expressions are just amazing. His moments are perfect, whether it’s the hecklers or it’s Robin and Kermit having a chat on the roof.

Langridge manages to make his Muppet Show both a translation of the television show and something entirely new. He introduces methods for adapting between mediums, but his storytelling emphasis is different. The Muppets’ show is most important.

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  1. Landridge’s Fred the Clown is perhaps one of the most sorely neglected masterpieces of the twentieth century. Fantagraphics has done the four or five singles and a compilation. If the Muppets impress you, Fred is sublime. Also, he used to have a wonderful website as well, but this is s few years back.

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