Spider-Man & the Secret Wars (2010) #3


Can we get one introspective Spider-Man story without the burglar or Gwen Stacy? How’s this comic an all-ages book if you’ve got Gwen falling in it? It doesn’t seem like something a six year-old would really engage with.

Anyway, more expanding and updating from Tobin here–Spidey talks text messaging, which they didn’t have in Secret Wars–and something about Galactus affecting the mind. The whole issue is Spider-Man and the Enchantress talking while the good guys fight Galactus. Spider-Man’s lost in his head because of Galactus’s reality-altering powers.

I wasn’t aware fighting Galactus altered the mind, but I don’t really know. It’s a good idea, I suppose, because otherwise he looks sort of goofy. I’ve never read a Kirby-illustrated Galactus comic, so I don’t know if Kirby managed not to make him look goofy.

It’s a well-executed issue, but not useful.

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